Bentley “Bentayga” SUV Spied, Its an Unfortunate Reality
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We are mere traditionalists and firmly believe Bentley should always be a maker of opulent super saloons and coupes. The thought of a Bentley SUV is like Cara Delevigne working in a Pound Shop, in Newcastle Upon Tynes, on less than minimum wage. We always thought the Bentley SUV was a publicity stunt, a nightmare from which we would wake up from and look out into the world and find its shining brightly with flowers glistening in the fields and Foxes playing tennis with Rabbits. But no the Bentley SUV is a reality judging by these latest spy pictures which were taken somewhere in a German, Austrian border town. It isn’t the spy pics that are of interest, according to reports, the Bentley SUV could be named after a mountain range found in the Canary Islands and this name may well make you weep. Have you ever considered buying a Bentley Bentayga, you may well have to do so because Bentley have apparently registered the name for future use. Lets hope the marketing department over at Bentley and the focus groups agree to disagree on the Bentayga name tag. The Bentley SUV will be based on the Audi Q7 and will most probably feature a twin-turbo V8 powerplant with plug-in hybrid technology. Bentley are promising its SUV vis-a-vie Audi Q7 will be the most powerful and most luxurious Bentley ever made when it reaches the market by 2016.  Bentley-SUV-Undercover
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