Dodge RAM 1500 REV - EV Pickup - Hero
Holy Doodle! The Dodge 1500 REV Electric Pick-Up Sells Out
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Pre-orders for the Dodge RAM 1500 REV EV Pickup, unfortunately owned by sterile corporate monolith Stellantis, has sold out 5 days after its retail launch. According to Dodge. We don’t have too much in the way of official details. Of the few snippets we do have, we know that the Ram 1500 REV EV Pickup will have a starting price of $40,000, which is extremely unlikely. One only has to compare the RAM 1500 REV to the price of the Ford F150 Lighting. The latter has a base price of $58,000, so with a bit of deduction we can say with a fair degree of certainty that the RAM 1500 REV will have a similar base price to that of the F150 lightning.

The RAM 1500 REV is somewhat of a Frankenstein beast in that it isn’t built on a dedicated EV platform, meaning from the outset that it will lack the efficiency of say a Tesla Model X. It will feature a frunk because there is no engine up front, or rather electric gubbins. The RAM 1500 REV Pickup is closer to a retro-fitted vehicle than a purposeful, deliberately engineered EV vehicle.

Dodge RAM 1500 REV - EV Pickup - Rear

The problem with legacy car manufacturers switching to EV platforms is that software integration is often found to be lacking. And that means the electric powertrain will not be as efficient as say… you guessed it… Tesla. Dodge isn’t a software-first company like Tesla. Really well-integrated software is the key to unlocking a really efficient electric vehicle that is able to manage 300-400 miles on a single charge.

The Dodge RAM is allegedly going to be offered with 100 kWh and 130 kWh battery packs, the latter being the biggest battery pack available for most long-range EVs. This could give a real-world range of over 300 miles. The RAM 1500 REV Pickup will support DC fast charging and should recharge up to 100 miles of range in about ten minutes.

Dodge RAM 1500 REV - EV Pickup - Rear

Power and performance are likely to be ferocious, and figures being touted are over 700bhp, likely for a flagship AWD edition. Expect base models to have around 500bhp. But you’ll have to wait, or get on the waiting list because the Dodge RAM REV Pickup will not roll into customer homes until 2024. However, expect delays as Dodge will likely hit production problems as it transitions into EV manufacturing.

And one more thing, HOLY DOODLE!

Dodge RAM 1500 REV - EV Pickup - Hero
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