Bernie Ecclestone Lambastes Sebastian Vettel’s Poor Showing In 2014
Formula One
Bernie Ecclestone has lambasted Sebastian Vettel for showing a “defeatist” attitude during the 2014 season. The Formula One boss made the comment in the end of year official F1 review book. Vettel had a torrid time during the 19 race campaign as he struggled to get to grips with his Red Bull. The Four times in a row world champion was made to look like a world “chumpion” by the can do attitude of his team mate Daniel Ricciardo who out shone and out drove his highly rated team mate. Ricciardo won three races and finished on the podium 8 times, Vettel failed to win a single race and managed 4 podium finishes. Ricciardo also out qualified Vettel in ten out of the nineteen races. Ricciardo’s performances were notable because no one expected the young Australian to out perform Vettel and because he won races in the midst of the total domination of the Mercedes F1 team. Vettel’s performances were notable for the constant moaning of his Red Bull not being to his exacting standards and this didn’t go unnoticed by the all seeing and all hearing F1 ring master. Ecclestone said of Vettel: “I’m a super supporter of Sebastian but I’m a little bit disappointed with his attitude. He’s acting like a defeated guy and he isn’t – that’s not his mentality. He’s a competitive guy.” Vettel decided to leave Red Bull after opting to use a performance clause in his contract and swiftly headed for the beleaguered Ferrari team. Ecclestone also had a punch at both Ferrari and Fernando Alonso’s Vettel-esq attitude: “Ferrari was very disappointing, getting lost somewhere. Fernando got a little bit like Sebastian halfway through, so I’m a little bit disappointed in him, too.” Fernando-Alonso-Glum Ecclestone did swing some praise towards Ricciardo and the Mercedes team for allowing both Hamilton and Rosberg to slug it out for the drivers title. “We’ve been extremely lucky with what happened, these two guys have been racing each other and it’s good that Mercedes has allowed them to do that. If not, we would have had a really lousy championship,” said Ecclestone. Ecclestone is most likely playing the old kidology game, that is to say he is deliberately teasing both Vettel and Alonso with a show of deliberate parental disappointment. Both drivers will know this but the mind games have already been set and in the end Ecclestone is always annoyingly right. Most of the times, just don’t mention the double points system.  Ecclestone-Critical-ofVettel
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