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Christian “Good Cop” Horner Admits Red Bull is Using A Flexible Rear Wing
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Christian “Good Cop” Horner has, by his own words, admitted Red Bull is using a flexible rear wing. First of all, what is a flexible rear wing? In this case, the wing is designed to flex when under aerodynamic load. When this occurs the rear wing is pushed down by the force of the air flowing over it. The flexing reduces drag and increases straight-line speed. The rear wing may flex by a few millimeters or degrees, but just enough flex to vault over the regulations without getting caught. At the Spanish Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton claimed he noticed the Red Bull’s rear wing was flexing.

The FIA stepped in and subsequently announced they would be introducing mandatory stress tests on rear wings from the French Grand Prix onwards. But it must be noted Christian Horner did not specifically say Red Bull is using a flexible rear wing. But by his own words he did admit to it without ever realising he had done so:

Christian “Good Cop” Horner:

“Look we are going to have to make alterations for the next test which has been brought in. That costs time, money and resource but we’re not the only team who is going to have to do that,” 

Why is Red Bull making alterations to the rear wing if it doesn’t flex? By his own words, it sounds as if Red Bull has incorporated flexing into the rear wing element of the RB16B.

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And Christian “Good Cop” Horner is not too pleased with Mercedes F1, Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton, both of whom he accused of playing games. In addition, Horner is complaining about having to fork out an estimated $500k on replacement rear wings.

Red Bull F1 is owned by the energy drinks company bearing the team’s name. Red Bull Gmbh sells 7.5 billion cans of energy drinks per year. The owner Dietrich Mateschitz has a net worth of $26 billion. Red Bull’s poverty plea is nothing more than manufactured self-pity by Christian “Grumpy” Horner.

Horner has been in the F1 game long enough to know top teams will be a target for accusations of rule-bending. Red Bull F1 has pointed the finger of accusation at other teams many times over the years. And they know it comes at a cost and they know it is all part of the game.

Red bull Flexible Rear Wing - dailycarblog
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