David Coulthard Questions Lewis Hamilton’s Lifestyle And Commitment
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We’ve heard this before an unconscious bias, call it what you will, about Lewis Hamilton’s lifestyle. And the latest conveyor belt opinion is emanating from former F1 driver David Coulthard. In a recent interview with Racingnews365 Coulthard compares the lifestyles of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. After every race, Hamilton is actively pursuing personal interests. Music, fashion, sponsorship engagements, jumping out of airplanes. With a parachute strapped to his back of course.

By contrast, David Coulthard paints a wholesome image of Verstappen who immediately flys back to his Monaco base, prays to god and contemplates the meaning of life. Coulthard’s portrayal of Verstappen is somewhat wholesome and angelic, a little colonialist in its mindset. Let’s put this is stark terms, if Hamilton was white and did exactly the same activities would his choices be questioned or celebrated?

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Formula drivers are by their very nature thrill-seekers, it is not uncommon for them to ski up mountains, ski down mountainsides or skydive. If Hamilton can fit in all his outside interests and activities then what is the problem? He will know when the time comes to stop in order to focus his energies on the weekend job.

Because Coulthard has a good relationship with Verstappen his opinion is somewhat clouded. That’s fine, he’s got access to free private travel and doesn’t want to give that up. If Hamilton wasn’t focused on the job or lacked commitment he wouldn’t have 7 F1 titles to his name. That alone speaks volumes.

What is it with this white man attitude towards black people’s lifestyle choices, WTF?

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