BMW 6 Series Gets Scrubbed Up For 2015
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With the Detroit Auto Show scheduled for January 2015 BMW has decided to make sure they scrub up as best as possible or at least the entire 6 Series range which has been given minor styling updates. Pretty much every thing remains the same so far as the eye can tell the engine lineup, trim grades and so on, except for the interior which now offers better refinement and surface materials. BMW-6-Series-2015-Interior The exterior styling details include a re-profiled front and rear bumper, blink and you will miss it kidney grille revisions and new headlights with LED technology. The addition of new alloy wheel designs top off the list of changes. BMW has tweaked the engine lineup which are now EU6 compliant, fuel economy is slightly improved by as much as makes little difference. More importantly the 0-62mph dash for the 650i 4.4-litre turbocharged V8 has been reduced from 4,6 seconds too 4.3 seconds for all body-styles. Just thought you would like to know about that. BMW-6-Series-2015-Gran-Coupe Stop/start, and an Eco pro mode with engine costing technology now come as standard through out the range. All petrol models will have a sports exhaust system with a switchable valve which lowers or can add a more intense “timbre” to the engine soundtrack. Through features such as Dynamic Damper Control, Active Drive and Integral Active Steering, owners are now able to create a made-to-measure driving experience, while the latest BMW Head-Up Display and Driving Assistant Plus with Active Cruise Control minimise distractions and supplement the driver’s reactions to enhance safety. BMW-6-Series-2015-Rear The 640d is expected to be the best seller and now offers 309bhp and 629Nm of torque and again slightly improved economy figures of 54mpg while C02 emissions are down too 146g/km. BMW-6-Series-2015 The 6 Series range will go on sale in the UK from 1st March 2015.
Model Power Hp Torque   Nm 0 – 62mph Seconds* Top Speed Mph** Combined Mpg* CO2 Emissions g/km*
BMW 640d Coupe/Convertible/Gran Sport Coupé/Convertible/ 313 630 5.3/5.5/5.4 155 54.3/52.3/52.33 139/144/143
BMW 640i 320 450 5.3/5.5/5.4 155 38.2/37.2/37.7 172/176/174
BMW 650i 450 650 4.6/4.6/4.6 155 32.9/31.7/32.9 199/208/199
BMW M6 560 680 4.2/4.3/4.2 155 28.5/27.4/28.5 231/239/231
* Coupe/Convertible/Gran Coupe respectively ** All versions electronically limited
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