Would You Buy A 230bhp Tata Nano?
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The question is would you buy a 230bhp Tata Nano? No we thought not but you have got to give Kudos and a Facebook thumbs up to the guys over at JA Motorsport who tuned the hell out this pint sized 4 wheeled moped. JA Motorsport are based in India, and being a patriotic bunch and mighty proud of Tata they ripped out the Nano’s twin-cylinder, 35bhp, 625cc engine and replaced it with a 1.3-litre powerplant tuned to deliver that 230bhp in addition to converting it to a rear wheel drive setup. Tata-JA-Motorsport-B The Nano’s drum brakes have been upgraded with AP Racing discs all round, the interior has been replaced with carbon fiber goodness and fitted with a roll cage and racing bucket seats. The pint sized 1-inch punch is able to hit 120mph. JA Motorsport have at least tried to visually enhance the Nano by giving it a wide-body look with dinky slick tyres but would you really pay £25k? Tata-JA-Motorsport-A At least with that roll cage the JA Motorsport Nano should fare better in crash testing, the standard Tata Nano recorded a zero rating when it was crash tested for NCAP by ADAC in Germany recently. The Tata Nano was once billed as the worlds cheapest car and cost around $1,600 US Dollars when it was launched  in 2008. The  Nano failed to strike a cord with its middle class Indian target market. The Nano was India’s answer to the VW Beetle but a succession of failures and problems have cast a deep shadow on what was already a car shunned by its intended audience who seemed embarrassed to be associated with it.  Tata-JA-Motorsport-C
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