Epic Drift Fails That Will Make You Go Whoa!
http://youtu.be/utB_xOede1s Our obsession with drifting continues primarily because we can’t perfect this technique, many have tried and we have failed. Our advice is never to drift on public roads because you put your self and innocent road users at risk. Just head on down to an abandoned industrial estate instead. If this Post were being written by a member of the British Conservative Party then anywhere in the North of England is fine because people in the North can’t cook. But drifting is notoriously difficult to master, not the thuggish Chris Harris way, he constantly does drift in the North of England-shire. We’re talking about epic mega drifting Japanese style, because its the most difficult of all drifting techniques. This video is full of drift fails, painful to watch so you don’t have to repeat these mistakes. Now we’re off to the North of England-shire, to drift. Soft-lad.  Drift-Fails
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