EU To Take Tougher Stance on Diesel Car Ownership
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Diesel powered cars could face tougher scrutiny under new EU measures as bureaucrats from Brussels are beginning to sanction the possibility of banning diesels in certain capitals across Europe. The current Mayor of Paris believes diesel cars bring with them high levels of pollution and wants to introduce a ban on diesel users from entering the capital by 2020. Only a few years ago governments across the EU where confident of meeting tough emissions regulations due to a new and cleaner generation of diesels which were being developed by car makers, at the urging of governments. Diesel is more fuel efficient than petrol however both still pollute like hell but it seems diesel cars have now become the focus of attention because they produce more of what is known as NO2, or nitrogen dioxide. Nitrogen dioxide is a chemical compound which is an intermediate synthesis of nitric acid and is toxic if inhaled, it can cause breathing problems for people with lung conditions. The NO2 compound density mass is several times greater in diesel than petrol. Diesel cars were fitted with a particle trap to prevent the dispersal of NO2 or at least to emit as less as possible. Governments across Europe incentivised car manufactures for improving diesel efficiency and lowering emissions, but it seems diesels are back in the spotlight as the greenhouse emitting bad guy. The EU now wants to reverse its policy of supporting diesel technology as the way forward to lower emissions and will urge road users that petrol (gasoline) powered cars are the way of the future. For the time being at least. In the UK MPs have called for a scrappage scheme for diesel cars but that doesn’t seem likely given that its not feasible. NO2 levels across 32 European states are said to be exceeding EU clean air laws Rome, Madrid, Berlin are among the cities. Pollution is a widespread problem and the automobile sector is not the only source, shipping and industrial pollution are some of the biggest. China, India and the United States are by far the biggest sources of pollution by burning coal, gas and oil. It seems the Americans were right about diesels all along, stick to big ugly V8’s that will solve the greenhouse gas riddle. Auto manufacturers are developing a new generation of Hybrid and Plug-in Electric cars in addition to Hydrogen powered technology all in an effort to meet ever tougher emissions targets. But the industrial output required to make these new technologies will be just as polluting should they go on to become mainstream. Ultimately that will be a decision made for bureaucrats. In the UK motorists could be charged more tax for owning a diesel car and the Mayor of London may well introduce a levy for diesel motorists entering the capital.  car-pollution-2014
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