Meet The All New BMW i8 Gran Coupe

Ok so we mislead you with the opening banner headline but at least we spelled it correctly for once. This isn’t the all new BMW i8 Gran Coupe it is a restyled concept created by our Photoshop style-In-Chief buddy, Remco.

The i8 is a plug-hybrid sports car that combines a turobocharged 1.5-litre, three cylinder engine with an electric motor that is capable of 23 miles on electric power alone.

The i8 has a combined performance rating of 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds, a top speed of 160 mph and can return a combined economy…. No, no, no. When you own a sports car economy or mpg figures should never be discussed.

Some people consider the i8 to be a supercar, we don’t we categorise it as a sports car, it could probably get away with being called a hybrid-supercar.

Remco Meulendijk from the Netherlands, used his superb Photoshop skills to imagine what a Gran Coupe would look like. And we think it looks spot on.

As a stretched 4-door coupe the i8 looks just as good as it does in standard SWB.

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