Raiders Steal Land Rovers For New Bond, James Bond Movie
He is a master spy with a license to kill, is always impeccably dressed in expensive suits and always nails the bad guy but not even James Bond is able to combat good old fashioned theft. According to the New York Times, nine vehicles destined for the new Bond Movie were stolen from a garage in Neuss which is located in Dusseldof Germany. The cars were awaiting to be shipped too the Alps where filming was due to begin on the latest Bond installment, Spectre, the vehicles included around five customised Range Rovers. Land Rover UK said “We are aware of the theft of a number of Range Rovers in Düsseldorf, Germany. This is a criminal act, and the police are carrying out a full investigation.” The total value of all nine cars is said to be around £630,000, each one was modified  specifically for the movie. Unlike a Bond villain it seems the real life villains behind the theft got away clean with the heist as German police confirmed they have no clear leads who was behind the raid. Luxury cars such as the Range Rover Sport are stolen to order and sold to clients all over the world, in some countries Range Rovers face high import taxes and foreign “clients” usually resort to knowingly buying stolen vehicles to avoid such hefty taxes.  Bond-Thefts
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