Sebastian Vettel Pranks Infiniti Customers
Video You are Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury car brand, and in need of a sales boost in the notorious and patriotic territory of Germany and the only ally you have on board is Germany’s current superstar of the day Sebastian Vettel. Its a really, really good brand ambassador to have, German 4 times world champion drives an Infiniti in Germany. So what do you do as a marketing pro? go for the prank video angle and hope it goes viral. And boost Infiniti’s profile. Vettel, in perhaps his last Infiniti duties before he heads off too Ferrari proper, dons the disguise of a typical potbellied, mullet growing German garage mechanic and takes unsuspecting Infiniti customers on a prank ride to hell and back. The only issue we have, in this highly suspiciously staged video, is are there any Infiniti customers in Germany?  Sebastian-Vettel-Mullet
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