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When Essex Man Bought a Bentley Arnage Non Starter

Salvage Rebuilds UK, who is a British YouTuber, mechanic, and Essex man takes on the task of sprucing up a 2004 Bentley Arnage non-starter. The Arnage was the best of Bentley, the best of British which is an oxymoron because it has been under the ownership of Volkswagen since 1998. And this particular model is the 6.75-litre 530bhp, 1,050nm Bentley L-Series V8. It’s an elegant car and has aged well, still looks contemporary, and is still desirable. But it is a non-starter.

With just over 19K on the odometer, this particular Arnage is little used. The asking price is £30K, which is cheap. The car has been parked in a barn since 2018, which is a long time for a car of this caliber to sit around doing nothing.

These cars need to run every other day or every other week, otherwise, the battery will deplete, the tyres will go flat, fluids will lose viscosity.

But the real question is, can Essex man get the Arnage to work?… innit?

Bentley Arnage Rebuild - Daily Car Blog
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