Special Edition Aston Martin Vanquish Takes The Piston
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Aston Martin knows how to celebrate 60 years and what better way to celebrate the company’s Works division 60th than a good old special edition based on the Vanquish Coupe, or Volante. And these truley are limited, only six will be produced. Special editions are really about a new shade of paint, trim with special edition contrast stitching or slightly thicker carpets. Special edition cars are really manufacture approved modifications and people will pay for them. Aston-Martin-Vanquish-Works-2015-Profile But Aston has gone a bespoke step further by making the dials on the center consoles from pistons of classic Aston Martin’s from the last 60 years. All six of these special edition Vanquish’s will be built by the company’s “Q of Aston Martin” division, which is probably a rickety old and dilapidated shed just around the corner of a disused industrial unit. Aston-Martin-Vanquish-Works-2015-Works-Dials Aston Martin say “Each rotary has been cast from metal that, previously, had formed a piston in an Aston Martin engine of the relevant period. These rotaries are then carefully laser etched with Works’ Anniversary” wording. Aston-Martin-Vanquish-Works-2015-Dials

The six pistons have been drawn from engines from some of the most revered of classic Aston has made and include: 1955-1965: DB 2/4 Mk II saloon /1965-1975: DB5 /1975-1985: V8 Coupe /1985-1995: V8 Vantage X-pack /1995-2005: V8 Vantage supercharged /2005-2015: Original Vanquish.


Each of the rotary dials will have the words etched with “Works Anniversary” wording.


Aston Martin has not revealed the price of the six special edition models, however the V12 running gear will remain untouched in performance terms.

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