Cadillac Escalade by Larte Design - Hero Image
Larte Design Reveals Body Style Upgrade For The Cadillac Escalade
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The Cadillac Escalade is bigger than a Range Rover which puts it closer to a military tank in terms of its overall dimensions. Trying to create aerodynamic parts for the Escalade requires a lot of thought experiments. Nevertheless, Larte believes their bodykit solution retains the Escalades’ original design DNA while offering a more passive-aggressive look.

In other words, the Larte Design Escalade bodykit is about style and powerful aesthetics. Larte Design has forged new carbon fibre parts for the front hood and grille, front and rear bumper apron, mirror cups, door moldings, and wider front and rear wheel arches.

Cadillac Escalade by Larte Design - Front

The rear gains a carbon fiber roof-mounted spoiler, rear diffuser and carbon fiber overlay for the trunk and rear bumper apron. Finally, the Larte Escalade rides on custom 24-inch alloy wheels.

Cadillac Escalade by Larte Design - Rear

The Cadillac Escalade retails from $76K for entry-level models, the flagship Sports Platinum costs $101K. The German tuning house hasn’t revealed the price of their bodykit upgrade, at an estimate we guess it will cost an extra around $15K.

Cadillac Escalade by Larte Design - 3QV

The price quoted is just for the bodykit and installation, the 6.2 Litre V8 remains unaltered.

Cadillac Escalade by Larte Design - Hero Image
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