Supercar Fanatic Creates McLaren F1 Replica From Scrap
I must admit I have trouble making glue stick that’s the sum of all parts when it comes to my DIY skills, but a mechanic from Poland has put my DIY skills further into a far distant horizon by creating his very own McLaren F1 from scrap. It took Jacek Mazur 8 years to build and at a cost of £20,000 GBP. Mr  Mazur is no stranger to building replica’s he also built a Lamborghini and a Porsche. Now let me tell you one of our colleagues has dealt with the McLaren F1 team a few years ago and we can tell you Mr Ron Dennis will most probably “hit the roof” when he views this, Ronny doesn’t like his organisation’s intellectual property being defamed. Although Mr Dennis probably won’t be able to launch a High Court legal action as he did with our colleague who declines to be named and shamed.  McLaren-Replica
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