Supercar Sales Race Ahead In Southern England
Northern England-shire can be a bleak place, its often cold and wind swept with lashings of rain and that’s during the summer periods. This Southern biased stereotype is also shared by supercar fiance company Oracle Fiance.  Oracle Fiance provides funding for Supercars like the McLaren 650S, the company has looked back into its transaction history over the last 12 months and found that 48 percent of its buyers were indeed from the South with 20 percent from the North of England. Scotland accounted for 6 percent, Wales 4 percent and Ireland 1 percent. Oracle say that the more affluent South is quite literally racing away with buying increasing numbers supercars. So does that mean affluent people in the North of England are less debt burdened? It most probably does although it is well known that London’s financial district, the so called square mile, is no stranger to happily accumulating debt. Managing Director of Oracle Finance explains. “The north south divide has been clearly demonstrated by our data on the super car finance deals we’ve arranged around the UK,” “For years there have been reports of the difference in house prices and wages between the north and the south and now our figures demonstrate that there is a distinct difference when it comes to luxury car purchases too. “We were shocked at just how much of a difference there was though – we weren’t expecting the south to account for more than double the north’s supercar purchases.” In the south the top five areas for super car sales were London, Surrey, Essex, Berkshire and Middlesex. In the north the most sales were in West Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire, North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire. “The good people of Yorkshire certainly like their supercars, but the finance packages we arranged there were no where near the numbers we arranged in the south,” added Mr Brook. “The figures really are clear – those in the south seem to have the desire and the spare capital to put down a deposit on the car of their dreams and pay for the competitive finance packages we arrange.”  McLaren-650s
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