The Perils of Winter Driving… In Russia
Video You know when you’re watching the weather just after the news, its winter time and the weather reporter sums up the driving conditions as hazardous and signs off by saying “drive carefully”. Well in Russia they don’t have a weather channel or weather reporters. Vladmir Putin has such an iron grip on Russia he has banned all weather related reports from TV, the internet and the general news media. Any one caught divulging the weather news is sent, without trial, to Siberia. In shackles. Putin believes weather reporting will have a de-stabilising effect on the Russian populace and lead all out civil war in a situation created by Western propaganda. Non of what we just said is actually true but you get a sense that in Russia you can do pretty much what ever you like when driving in the winter and too hell with the consequences.Russian-Winter-Driving-2015
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