The Moment A Test Driver Crashed The Million Dollar Porsche 918
Video His name is Walter Röhrl a veteran two-times World Rally Champion who drove for the top teams of his era, Lancia, Porsche and Audi to name a few. At the 1992 24 Hours Nuburgring Race despite heavy fog Rohrl barely slowed during the race. Such was his knowledge of the circuit and race craft that he was able to anticipate each corner by mentally timing every lap. This is the man Porsche entrusted to carry out development and testing duties for their million dollar hybrid supercar, the 918. However even Rohrl can push the boundaries too far. The video captures the moment when Rohrl crashed the 918 Weissach spec car while testing at the Circuit Sachsenring in Germany. It seems the 68 year old has lost none of his lightning quick reactions managing to catch the spin and probably avoiding a much bigger crash. As YouTuber Richard Stefanits wrote in the comments section “That was actually a great save. 🙂“.  Walter-Röhrl-Porsche-918-Crash
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