Professor Henry Catchpole reviews the 2019 Porsche 911,
Professor Henry Catchpole Auditions For The Role of Wolverine In Porsche 911 Overview

No, no, no, no NO! We’re sure the 911 (992 designation) will be a sure-fire hit with motoring journalists. But they, Porsche, ruined the steering on the 7th generation. We just hope they, Porsche, have sorted out the steering for the 8th gen. Whether it’s electronic or hydraulic it doesn’t matter.

Make the steering speak as it used to do… Please!

Anyway, Professor Henry Catchpole is one of the few motoring journalists we respect. He’s a great writer etc. His Carfection video review is like listening to a world-renowned art professor discussing the virtues of cubism over futurism.

Anyway, enough of the backslapping for now. We hate it when we do that.

Nevertheless, Professor Henry Catchpole decided to ‘grunge’ his look during his overview of the new Porsche 911. We became distracted. Not by the smart casual attire, but by him.

We reckon he looks like Wolverine and as such should be considered for the role since Hugh Jackman retired from playing the character.

However, Professor Henry Catchpole will have to go on a high-protein diet and new training regime to match Jackman’s physical on-screen presence.

Training to get into tip-top condition is time-consuming, tough and requires hours spent at the gym.

Or like every other muscle-bound moron he can take steroids to significantly cut down the time spent at the gym. Although we would advise against doing so.

Anyway back to the new 911. The evolutionary design looks better than ever. However, the interior requires a complete rethink.

The new 911 interior… It appeals to the upper-middle-class banker who is secretly defrauding his wealthy clients. And it’s always a “his”, a he, a male man.

A 911 interior should be driver-focused. If you want a properly sorted driver-focused interior then we reckon McLaren does driver-focus better than anyone at the moment.

Except for the fiddly seat controls, a McLaren interior retains the luxury and technology but without distractions. The new 911 interior looks like a Christmas tree.

Professor Henry Catchpole reviews the 2019 Porsche 911,
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