Aston Martin To Get More Funds if Needed Says Invest Industrial
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Aston Martin will have the funds needed to refresh its current lineup so says the luxury supercar makers main financial backer Invest industrial. Aston Martin is currently in the hands of a group of private equity firms, these companies are known for their short term ambitions, make money and then get the hell out by selling off quickly. Although Private Equity Firms like Invest Industrial have a large portfolio of companies, often they are not necessarily cash rich and if they are they release funds with more scrutiny than an overqualified bank clerk. However Italian based Invest Industrial has a long term plan and has pledged to give Aston Martin cash to refresh its current and ageing model lineup, the company is expected to showcase new cars at the Geneva Motorshow in March. Invest Industrial’s chairman, Andrea Bonomi, said in a recent interview “It hasn’t been decided yet, but if Aston needs capital, we’re there.” That sounds reassuring but the last part of the sentence is revealing “if Aston Martin needs Capital”. This sounds like a half hearted commitment because Aston Martin does need the cash to compete with the likes of Bentley, Rolls Royce and Maserati and it needs it now. Bonomi most probably made the statement to reassure the markets and its other partners such as the Kuwati based Investment Dar and Adeem Investment Co. Daimler recently acquired a 5 percent stake in Aston Martin in exchange for the latest generation engines, components and electronics. Geneva will reveal Aston Martin’s revamped model lineup including an SUV.  Aston-Martin-Cash-Injection
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