Buick Reveals Graceful Avenir Concept
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We re a British outfit and unwittingly are biased toward European manufactures. Ashamed of our lack of culture we have decided to finally correct our many wrongs. Buick the American version of lets say Volvo is considered a premium auto brand int the USofA and is owned by General Motors. Its a veteran of the industry having been founded in 1899. In American that’s considered history in the making. Buick-Avenir-Interior If you are wondering what type of models Buick offers and you happen to be reading from Europe then consider Buick’s line up to consist of re-badged Vauxhalls/Opels. But nevertheless Buick have released a luxury concept at the 2015 North American Auto Show in the rather eye catching form of the Avenir. If you have never before heard of the word “Avenir” and you happen to be American then it is borrowed from the French word meaning “future”. So that’s an American brand selling the same cars as you can get in Europe, which are not considered to be premium, and using a French word. Sacré bleu! As a great poet once said “boss the worlds just gone’n git a bit smaller”. Buick-Avenir-Rear-Veiw The Avenir is not just a pretty face, its powered by a V6, direct-injection engine with Active Cylinder Management, a nine speed automatic, 4-wheel drive and has stop start technology. Ed Welburn, vice president of General Motors Global Design revealed “Avenir embodies Buick design, which centers on effortless beauty and presence without pretense. It demonstrates the growing international reach of Buick and offers an exciting vision of where it can go.” The Buick Avenir will never be built, like most concepts its a design study or a publicity stunt and most likely a few design details will filter down and be included into the current Buick lineup at a future date.  Buick-Avenir-Rear-Front
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