Audi R8 Owner Spends £10k Defending Speeding Fine & Loses
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OK so you have just purchased a nice shiny new supercar, it happens to be an Audi R8 and you also happen to be someone who thinks money can buy you out of trouble. The owner of said Audi R8 had a hefty reality check when he was fined £11,000 for speeding on the A55 at Looc in Flintshire, Wales. David Pickup was caught by a police speed camera hurtling along the A55 at 101mph in what is a 70mph zone. When the Officers stopped and approached Pickup he allegedly said: “Can we call it 98mph” Pickup was travelling from his home in Cheshire to his holiday retreat in Abersoch which he called “a millionaires paradise”. Pickup mounted a defense in which the accuracy of the speed camera was called into question. An expert was brought in and an airfield was rented to carry out tests in an Audi R8. The test results were presented in court as evidence, Pickup lost and was ordered to pay a fine of £675, he was also handed six penalty points and ordered to pay full prosecution costs this included the £10,384 spent on conducting the test. More money then sense? Its insane but its poetic justice.  Audi-R8-Speeding-Ticket
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