Gold Plated Lamborghini Had to Happen Eventually
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Buying a car is perhaps the worst investment you can make because over time, a relatively short space of time, cars depreciate in value. So how do you prevent the financial rot from spreading. Gold is the answer. Maatouk Design London, who are actually based in Dubai, gold plated a Lamborghini Aventador because in Dubai gold and bling go hand in hand and there are plenty of rich people willing to pay the price for what is essentially a vanity project. Or is it. Gold-Plated-Lamborghini-Detail Maatouk create bespoke vanity projects for Kings and Presidents and gold is the currency that never devalues for its clients unless Goldman Sachs are trusted with the worlds supply then it will devalue pretty quickly as part of their investment portfolio. Gold-Plated-Lamborghini-Interior Maatouk created this gold liveried Lamborghini at the request of Qatari businessman aber Bin Abdallah Al Hmaidi who wanted to create a show car for the Qatar National Day 2015 festivals. You see the rich are giving back to the people. The V12 powerplant remains unchanged, the cost for these cosmetic modifications? easy £1 million we reckon.  Gold-Plated-Lamborghini-2015
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