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Concept Design Study Shows Future BMWs Can Look Good
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Using the power of independent thought, design skills and the 1960s BMW CS 0.2 for inspiration, a pair of designers have reimagined the classic coupe for the 21st Century. The concept design study combines the minds of Richer Gear and Tom Kvapil, the pair upcycled the BMW CS 0.2 looks which by today’s design standards may well look quaint.

However, the classic CS 0.2, in terms of exterior design language, has what no other modern BMW offers. Proportionality. In automotive exterior design, if you can get the proportion correct then you can make any car look appealing to the eye.

BMW CS 02 Concept Design Study - SE - Daily Car Blog

And it looks as if this design study nails the proportionality while doffing a cap to the original. And the design study also pays homage to BMW’s latest and questionable kidney grille design.

BMW CS 02 Concept Design Study - Daily Car Blog

Although this concept appears to have interpreted the grille design with far more… proportionality. This concept design study is an independent thought experiment rendered in CGi and is in no way officially affiliated with BMW.

BMW CS 02 Concept Design Study - FQ - Daily Car Blog
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