Infiniti Q60 Concept, Short on Details Big on Style
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Infiniti will be heading to next weeks Detroit Auto show with the Q60 Concept complete with a rather hideous, over designed rear quarter “Infiniti kink”. The Q60 Concept is a 2+2 sports coupe design study and could form the basis of a future model release, its based on the Q80 Concept or rather it was inspired by the Q80, so says Infiniti Design Director Alfonso Albaisa. “The Q80 Inspiration was an indication of Infiniti’s future design language,” said Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti Executive Design Director. The Q60 Concept is the next step in the journey.” “The sweeping lines of the Q80 Inspiration gave the Q60 Concept its coupe silhouette and looks while the Formula One-inspired touches from the Q50 Eau Rouge endowed the coupe with its sports personality.” Added Alfonso It seems Infiniti are content with producing concepts for a future model relase at the moment or is just our cynical selves saying so? Infiniti have not released any technical details other than saying the Q60 sits on 21-inch alloy wheels which are inspired by jet turbines. Neither do Infiniti reveal anything about the interior but you will have to rely on their word for it, it will feature quilted leather sports seats and that’s about it. We reckon Infiniti are most probably still finishing off the interior which is why there are no official pics just yet, or is just our cynical selves getting involved in a conspiracy theory of unimportant magnitude.  Infiniti-Q60-Concept-2015
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