Acura ZDX SUV EV - Casual Stance
Honda Debuts The All-Electric Acura ZDX SUV
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Honda has taken the wraps off the Acura’s inaugural line of all-electric SUV models – the Acura ZDX and the performance-orientated ZDX Type S. These vehicles are crafted upon a all-new electric vehicle platform, boasting a versatile battery architecture, a low center of gravity, and an almost perfect 50/50 weight distribution. The debut of the all-electric ZDX marks a significant addition to Acura’s premium, high-performance SUV lineup.

The ZDX A-Spec features a rear-mounted single-motor powertrain that delivers an estimated 340 horsepower. Stepping up the power, the ZDX Type S delivers an estimated 500 horsepower, all harnessed from a solitary electric motor. This performance cadence comes hand in hand with an approximate driving range of 325 miles.

Acura ZDX SUV EV - Rear Stance

Acura will offer the ZDX A-Spec in two distinct configurations: a single-motor version with rear-wheel drive and a dual-motor variant with all-wheel drive. The forthcoming 2024 ZDX A-Spec is projected to retail from $60,000. The performance-orientated ZDX Type S is positioned as the most potent and high-performance Acura SUV to date and is tipped to retail from $70,000.

Acura ZDX SUV EV - Side Stance

Pre-sales for the ZDX are exclusively digital and will start later this year, with first client deliveries slated for early 2024.

Acura ZDX SUV EV - Interior

Exterior and interior styling was led by a team at the Acura Design Studio in Los Angeles. Inside ZDX, the driver-oriented cockpit features high-end materials, premium features and expansive intuitive technologies, including Acura’s first integration of Google built-in connectivity. Standard across the ZDX lineup, apps like Google Assistant and Google Maps and more on Google Play.

Acura ZDX SUV EV - Front LED Light Signature

ZDX features a combined 22-inches of high-definition digital screen real estate with a standard Precision Cockpit Driver Information Cluster (11-inches) and Center Information Screen (11.3 inches) with an intuitive touchscreen interface and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. The ZDX is the first Acura model to feature the luxury audio experience of Bang & Olufsen.

Acura ZDX SUV EV - Stance

Recharging on the go is quick and convenient with DC Fast Charging at rates up to 190 kW. With DC Fast Charging in approximately 10 minutes, the 102-kWh lithium-ion battery pack in ZDX A-Spec rear-wheel drive can gain an estimated 81 miles of range.

Acura ZDX SUV EV - Casual Stance
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