Meet The Next Generation Audi R8 According To Theophilus Chin
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Is this the next generation Audi R8? Our concept bud seems to think so, Theophilus Chin has created a fairly good representation. Although to us there is hints of the Lamborghini Huracan about it.

There may well be a good reason, the Audi R8 is expected to share the same platform as its Huracan cousin that’s not to say it will carry over the Lambo’s design cues after all this rendering is a best guess.

The second generation Audi R8 will launch this year and one thing we know about Audi is their preference for understated design.

You will have to look at the new generation Audi TT to get a flavor of how the next generation R8 will will be styled. The TT is now more sharper looking with squared off accents contrasting with understated curves.


Theophilus has created a more “classic look”, softer body contours again accented by a few sharp intersections of body surface detailing which mirrors not only Audi but also VW’s new design language.

The R8 is expected to share some running gear with the Lamborghini Huracan such as the carbon fibre monocoque which weighs as much as 50kg.

The R8 should also borrow the TT’s digital dash in place of traditional analogue instruments.

Audi will use the existing V8 and V10 engines and either modify or detune them. Because they are also used in the Huracan Audi may want avoid competing with Lamborghini’s performance brand identity.

Later the arrival of smaller capacity turbocharged engines may be added to the R8 line up in order to placate certain markets where C02 emissions are a barrier to market entry.

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