Mercedes of The Future Could Make Driving Optional
We love technology and it seems sometime in the future driver-less cars will become common place, the technology is already advanced enough and is only awaiting regulatory and safety checks before it is approved for public consumption. But we don’t trust technology enough to do our jobs, after all car’s still suffer from mechanical failures whether its related to the engine or the electronics. Logically speaking if the technology for a driver-less car future is already here then is should work without fault. Humans are not so logical, drones are able to land and take off automatically without the need for a pilot and many commercial jet liners are able to fly automated. One day they will be completely automated but the human element is always the weakest link despite being the progenitor of the technology. Whatever the issues are driver-less cars will take both the fun and monotony out of driving and that’s a good thing according to Mercedes who unveiled, you guessed it, a concept car that will define their driver-less “vision of luxury”. Mercedes-CES-2015 The Luxury in Motion Concept is what Mercedes imagines you and I will be driving in 2030 or your kids at least. Why 2030, well Mercedes believes driver-less technology will be at its most advanced, advanced enough to allow the car full driving independence of human interaction where the computer and array of advanced senors take over the driving chores and allow people to sit back and relax. The interior is open plan, the seats twist and rotate outwards once the doors are opened to aid easier access. The driver can rotate into a forward position to access the driving environment, the steering wheel is hidden and extends of of the dashboard at the command of the driver whenever the need arises to take control. Touch screen interfaces are accessed by gesture control, similar to what the X-Box pioneered. Mercedes-CES-VLC-Lounge Mercedes have already tested an autonomous S Class prototype with a 60 mile journey from Mannheim to Pforzheim in Germany without the need for human intervention. The Luxury in Motion Concept is a plug-in hybrid with a hydrogen fuel cell in place of a combustion engine and has a combined 275bhp. The Motion in Concept features a lounge like interior “The car is growing beyond its role as a mere means of transport and will ultimately become a mobile living space,” Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche, said at the CES unveiling on Monday. Mercedes-CES-VLC-Gesture Mercedes already offers semi-autonomous driving technology in the latest generation S Class which can drive on the motorway or in traffic jams mostly unaided. Mercedes is determined to lead the way with an autonomous future and is investing heavily in the technology. The Motion in Luxury Concept is an enticing look into the Mercedes of the future and no doubt driver-less technology will become as standard as optional 21-inch alloy wheels. For now we just want to enjoy driving as it was, man (or woman) in control of the machine and erring on the side of recklessness.  Mercedes-CES-2015-Presentation
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