Nissan Skyline Pointlessly Flame Grills The Streets of London
Ok so its yet another flame grilled sports car spilling its exhaust gases in excessive style video type thing. This Nissan Skyline owner spotted a traffic jam ahead of him in London’s swanky Sloane Street and also spotted a few camera enthusiasts so he decides to pose. Whilst stuck in a line of very slow moving traffic Skyline man decides to rev and therefore entertain the gathered albeit small crowd. Then Skyline man revs and revs some more producing a lot of noise and equal quantities of flames from the rear exhaust and a lot of bother for those behind him. Eventually London’s all seeing Police descend and give Skyline man a bit of “advice”. Skyline man can count him self lucky at least he wasn’t shot by London’s sometimes trigger happy cops. Yes we do say cops in the UK to refer to the Police… and also pigs. Its local colloquialism people!  Flame-Grilled-Nissan-Skyline
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