Scotty Kilmer Toyota Tundra Review
Red Neck Mechanic, Scotty Kilmer, Reviews The Toyota Tundra

Red neck born in the USA mechanic Scotty Kilmer is on a mission from god, the polytheistic Toyota gods. Of the many Toyota gods (the company’s vast model range), it is the Tundra deity that speaks to America. The Toyota Tundra pickup truck retails from $35k for the single cab, but most buyers go for the double cab which starts at $41K.

The Tundra is powered by a 389bhp 3.5-litre V6 Twin Turbo, previously it was a V8 that had just a handful few more bhp than the V6. Kilmer wants to know if the V6 is better than the V8, however, the biggest issue is the Tundra’s fuel efficiency.

Historically, Americans have never worried about fuel efficiency because gas prices have been so low. However, with the rise of fuel prices, caused by profiteering not lack of supply, pickup truck fuel efficiency has become a talking point.

If anyone can talk incessantly it’s Scotty Kilmer, and Kilmer zones in on the Toyota’s crazy low 14mpg.

Scotty Kilmer Toyota Tundra Review
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