1 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Trust A BMW M4 Owner
To tell you the truth I don’t much like car clubs, why drive your pride and joy to a car meet, car club just to talk about your 4-wheel cruiser or sports car. Surely the whole point of car ownership is to drive the damn what ever thing it is you own. But this is the reality of modern car ownership and this BMW M4 owner was leaving a Car & Coffee meet at California’s Blackhawk Automotive Museum. The event is held for enthusiasts on the First Sunday of every month, any one with a decent car or not so decent car is welcome. OK so I get that part, lonely people want to meet lonely people. As always there is always a high performance car ready and willing to show off and yep there is always a BMW M-Power somewhere in the throng of egg-head enthusiasts. And as always there is always a BMW M-Power owner ready to show and off course it goes wrong as this M4 owner demonstrates why having too much power in the wrong hands can lead to idiotic consequences. We like how he drives off as if nothing happened.  Car-&-Coffee-M4-Crash
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