Wild Elephant Destroys Car Whilst Scratching Giant Butt

We try to take ourselves seriously here at DCB towers but the internet is a strange virtual world which can be summed up by this video of a giant elephant scratching its butt on a car and destroying it in the process. That’s right a giant elephant.

Obviously, this video has gone viral, we debated whether we should jump on the populist bandwagon or stick to the proper car stories of the day. We spent minutes that turned into hours, hours that turned into night and daybreak followed an all-nighter.

Finally, after many hours of conjecture, we made the grim task of giving this video the editorial green light, if there is such a term. Evidently, there isn’t.

Obviously, we went for the lowest common denominator. And we apologise for jumping onto that populist bandwagon, if you were expecting car-related news this video kind of fits into that category. Only just.

We have fallen to new depths…. we can’t go on…. we’re just too upset. Butt scratching Elephant… this was supposed to a new world full of HOPE!


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