Aston Martin’s new Vulcan extremophile set to be Geneva star
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We didn’t see this one coming, its Aston Martin’s response, slap-in-the-face, suplex, pile-driver to the Ferrari La Ferrari FXX K and any other sports car manufacture wanting to make the most extreme of extreme performance cars. Whether you call it a supercar or hypercar one thing is for sure the new Aston Martin Vulcan will be no logic driven entity from a far away planet. It will be a 7.0-litre V12 powered, naturally aspirated 800 bhp demon. Aston-Martin-Vulcan-Profile The Vulcan will be a track only car, constructed out of carbon fiber and built around the One-77 chassis only 24 examples will be made. The front-mid mounted engine, rear wheel drive layout will allow all that power to be accessed via a six-speed sequential gearbox. Aston-Martin-Vulcan-Top-Rear The Vulcan is born and bred from Aston’s endurance racing experience, its got things like a full FIA roll-cage, a magnesium torque-tube huge ceramic brake discs and 19 inch wheels. More race spec engineering includes a limited slip differential, which is kind of like a mechanical/analogue traction control and push rod suspension with adjustable anti-roll bars and dampers. Aston-Martin-Vulcan-Interior The interior is stripped bare right down to the carbon fiber the and the only doff too ‘geekery’ is a TFT screen. If you want to get your hands on a Vulcan then start selling your kidney, left foot, not the right, rob a bank or become a white collar criminal which means working in the city of London’s financial sector. Aston-Martin-Vulcan-Rear You are going to have to short sell a lot of shares and bankrupt a few companies or even the financial institution you’re working for because the Vulcan is set to cost around £1.8m all in. Aston Martin will premiere the Vulcan at the Geneva Motorshow in March. Live long and prosper.  Aston-Martin-Vulcan-Front
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