Modified Supercars Flex Their Engines In London
Its London its summer time and its a period when Supercars come home to roost or at least tuned supercars do. This is how London actually sounds, head over to Regent Street and you will hear the odd Lamborghini over-revving just to sprint a few yards and come to a halt again at a set of traffic lights. That tuned Mercedes SLR which features in this video can be seen parked up every Sunday Morning on Mayfair’s Berkeley Square. And if you can’t see theses supercars you will be able to hear the V8’s and V12’s echo and reverberate around London. But these Supercars have been modified, the ice blue Hamann 458 Italia includes an unnecessary rear wing because the 458 is already optimised to work without the need for a useless rear wing. For these Middle Eastern playboy kings its all about the pose factor, you are just as better off catching the tube than driving through London’s choked up traffic in any type of car on any given day. We’ll take the supercar over public transport any day.  Tuned-Supercars-of-London
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