Bentley Wows At Geneva With EXP 10 Speed Concept
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With the Geneva Motorshow now in full swing and with so many manufacturers vying for attention there is just so much flow of information that we would rather concentrate on the ones generating the most ‘wow’ value. They all happen to be super luxury cars that you may or otherwise may be able to afford. Bentley have revealed the shows ‘wow’ moment with the EXP 10 Speed Concept. Somehow the Nissan e-NV 200 doesn’t hold the same appeal. Bentley says the EXP 10 Speed hints at a future design direction and could even become a separate model to sit alongside the Continental GT. But as far as concepts go this could make into production virtually unchanged. As usual Bentley will gauge public reaction to see if the concept deserves the production green-light. Bentley-EXP-10-Concept-Profile When Bentley say ‘gauge public reaction’ they they don’t mean you and I they mean selected guests who happen to have deep pockets. Technically speaking there isn’t much to say about the EXP 10 Speed, Bentley have concentrated on saying how exquisitely it has been fabricated: “Every exterior material and each individual detail is designed to modern Bentley style. Cutting-edge 3D metal printing technology has allowed the grille mesh, exhausts, door handles and side vents to be delivered with micro-scale design detail precision. The iconic Bentley mesh grille, for example, is no longer a flat plane of latticework but includes varying depth with a complex 3D geometry only visible when viewed at an angle. Bentley’s renowned quilted leather has inspired three dimensional texture to the precision glass of the headlamps.” Bentley-EXP-10-Concept-Interior We guess the EXP 10 Speed borrows its mechanicals from the Continental GT otherwise Bentley would have been regaling us with performance related stat, more power, better fuel efficiency hybrid technology. Bentley-EXP-10-Concept-Interior-Driver Wolfgang Dürheimer, chairman and chief executive of Bentley Motors, comments: “EXP 10 Speed 6 is one vision for Bentley’s future – a powerful, exquisite and individual concept. The showcar has the potential to be the new pinnacle luxury two-seat sports car. It offers thrilling, driver-oriented performance, complete with trademark modern Bentley luxury and effortlessness.” Bentley-EXP-10-Concept-Rear “It could be a future model line, alongside the Continental GT and redefining the pinnacle of another market sector, and the styling of the EXP 10 Speed 6 could influence the expansion of the Bentley family. This is not just a new sports car concept – but the potential Bentley sports car – a bold vision for a brand with a bold future.” Will Bentley make the EXP 10 Speed? Only wealthy clients thrusting wads of cash and begging for forgiveness for buying a Nissan will encourage Bentley to take the leap of faith. They say money always talks and never sleeps.  1500-hp-Lamborghini-Front
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