Audi R8 Is Priced To Be Suitably Expensive
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In an attempt to be less verbose we have decided to get straight too the point. How much will the new Audi R8 cost UK punters when it is released in Englandshire from May 2015 onward? The answer is simple yet complex, there are two versions available, the standard 540PS V10 R8 is priced from £119,500 OTR. Audi-R8-Price The R8 V10 Plus which has a power rating of 610PS will cost from £137,500 OTR.  First deliveries will be made in late 2015. Both are suitably fast supercars and that concludes this short and hopefully informative post. We refuse to end up as a proxy marketing operation we’re not a sales brochure god damn it.  Audi-R8-V10-Plus
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