Hilarious Moment As Green Fingered Car Thief Gets His Comeuppance
Video Watching other peoples misery has become a staple diet of the YouTube generation as is the case for this thief trying to break into a Mercedes E Class Coupe which has become the latest viral video of the week. The incident was caught on CCTV and occurred in Ireland, its late at night of course, and the green fingered car thief is trying to make his way into the Merc by hurling a brick at the drivers side window to no effect. Now Mercedes may be having issues with fuel injectors on the E250 models but it seems the Merc’s build is at least bullet proof as the thief repeatedly tries in vain and on the last occasion the brick yet again bounces off the window and back into the thief knocking him flat out. This isn’t the luck of the Irish its poetic justice. He shouldn’t have used a brick, its like bringing a knife to a gun fight, what he should have used is a small stone and aimed at the weakest part of the window which is at the bottom corner. The stone would have smashed clean through. There you go consumer advice something we never do.  Luck-of-the-Irish
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