Golden Widebody Corvette C7 Is Pure Eye-popping Candy
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With so many companies now specializing in customising the automobile how do you stand out from the crowd? How about a widebody kit offering massive bespoke alloy wheels and a golden wrap. That should do it. Adding a widebody kit to a supercar can either be done seriously well or it can make said supercar look like an aftermarket nightmare. Forgiato-C7-Widebody-Rear Fortunately that isn’t the case with the widebody Corvette C7 which was created by Forgiato of California who specialise in creating after aftermarket alloy wheels. If you notice the low profile alloy wheels on this modified C7 look absolutely huge and almost engulf the entire wheel arch, we reckon they are at least 22 inches at the rear. Forgiato-C7-Widebody-Front For us sometimes widebody modifications work and sometimes they don’t, this Forgiato kind of like sits in the middle. Yes some may find the Gold wrap a little tasteless but if you are 12 years old this Corvette is almost certainly an ethereal inspiration to a future yet to be made. Widebody aftermarket modifications aren’t about the performance its all about the detailing and the street cred so we won’t bore you with performance facts just lap it up and gawp. Do people still say street cred these days?  Forgiato-C7-Widebody-Profile
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