Koenigsegg Declares Thermo Nuclear Warfare With 1800bhp Regera
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OK so this is what every one has been talking about the show stopping Koenigsegg Regera, a 1800bhp and 1999 Nm of torque hybrid luxury hypercar able to destroy worlds thanks to its twin-turbo V8 and plugin-hybrid drive system. But don’t call it a hybrid, Koenigsegg don’t. Based upon a modified Agera chassis the Regera packs in a 9KW battery pack which resides in the center of the car. Each rear wheel gets its own electric motor, you would think the Regera also gets electric motors for the front wheels too dissipate all that power? No all that power is transmitted to the rear wheels. Koenigsegg-Regera-Front   The electric motors add 700bhp in addition to the 1100bhp from the the twin turbo V8 and so we predictably come to 0-62mph times. Unfortunately the Regera can only do the 0-62 dash in 2.7 seconds it cant go any faster because it is limited by the forces of traction! However it can waltz too 0-125mph in just 12 seconds and reach reach 0-250mph in a mere 20 seconds, a time the Nissan e-NV200 could only dream of. Koenigsegg-Regera-Interior We usually get a bit bored of repeating 0-62 stats but even these figures astonish us, to use a click baiting term, its all totally ‘insane’ but you would expect nothing less from Koenigsegg. But wait there is no transmission in the Regera, not even a CVT, Koenigsegg created what it calls a Direct Drive system, which is essentially a gear-less transmission. Koenigsegg-Regera-Rear The power of the engine is transmitted directly to the rear wheels by a small, crank-mounted electric motor together with a hydraulic coupling. Its a complex arrangement but as its inventor Christian Koenigsegg says: “I’ve been wanting to create something like this without a CVT’s horrible elasticity, and the weight and complexity transmissions bring. I came up with the idea last summer, and calculated that there is no need to have any gears. It was a eureka moment for me!” Koenigsegg-Regera-Rear-Wing-Deployment The Regera is also fully robotised which means the all body closures operate automatically and can even be engaged from the key remote or a smartphone. Only 5kg of weight was added, the Regera weighs in at around 14ookg. The Regera also features active front and rear wings and ride height to cope with what ever forces it encounters. The electric drive range is said to equate too 19 miles and the Regera will recharge the batteries while on the move. Pretty quickly we reckon with all that 1800bhp of energy on tap. The Regera will cost close too £2m GBP and only 80 will be made, Koenigsegg have already sold 4 units and that was before the car even debuted at the Geneva motorshow. The Regera is still undergoing final tests but is said to around 95 percent complete.  Koenigsegg-Regera-Profile
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