This Is How The Defender Pickup Should Have Looked According To Kahn Design
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Kahn Design have been grafting hard lately, what with the Vengeance and Defender based Flying Huntsman the maker of bespoke car accessories is turning its attention to coach-building. And this is the latest example, the Flying Huntsman 105 Defender Pick Up. They say its a prototype but its also available at £58k GBP if you want to buy it. Its based on the Land Rover Defender 90 which costs a more affordable £25k for entry level models. Kahn-Design-Defender-Pick-Up-Profile So why is the Kahn Design version so much more expensive? I mean just look at it, they have made the Defender look desirable but have lost none of the utilitarian, rugged, Industrial look and feel. Kahn Design said in a statement “Its 1 of many prototypes to be built, the vehicle conveys coach-built excellence, with over 15 inches added to the standard 90-inch wheelbase, giving the vehicle a unique look. In addition, the front has been lengthened by 400mm and the width by 150mm”. Kahn Design have also overhauled the suspension and brakes and put in a six-speed automatic gearbox for better comfort and ride. Think of the Flying Huntsman Pickup as a bespoke ‘widebody’ Defender. Kahn-Design-Defender-Pick-Up The vehicle features front and rear wide wings with vents and bolt apertures, extended wheel arches, bonnet release cable, front bumper replacement including bumper lights and sump guard in stainless steel, shadow chrome headlamps, front bumper replacement with bumper lights, bonnet and side vents with mesh stainless steel, side steps, X-Lander front grille, 8″ x 18″ Defend 1945 Retro Wheels in Matt Black with an appealing gold stripe and CTC semi-rigid wheel cover. Kahn Design have also custom fitted the interior, its all now fully leather trimmed, a custom center console design, dashboard and so on. They really have let their creative juices flow. Nevertheless Land Rover will be replacing the Defender later this year and in many ways this Kahn Design is a fond goodbye to the last truly British built 4×4. Land Rover? INDIAN!  Kahn-Design-Defender-Pick-Up-Front
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