Larte Design Reveal Modified Range Rover Sport Winner
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Silver has always been a quite exclusive metal and the color blue, in the old days, when it was mostly made from lapis-lazuli, a semi-precious stone, was also expensive. LARTE Design has painted the most exclusive edition of its Range Rover Sport Winner  in that combination of colors. Larte’s full body Range Rover Sport mods have only been available in white, and the company says the upgrades will be presented in its new “dinner jacket” in the worlds richest play principality for the Top Marques Monaco show (April 16 – 19). Entirely new, too, is the tuner’s power package, which raises the V8 diesel’s (SDV8) power from 339 hp to 400 hp, 20 hp more than the official Range Rover Sport HST. Get in there Larte. Larte-Range-Rover-Sport-Winner-Rear-View Because there is a remote chance of the rich and richer of Monaco actually stealing Larte’s bespoke exclusive Winner and heading straight for the Turkish border next to Syria, Larte will allow potential customers to get behind the wheel. German based Larte Design prides itself as a premium tuner and that includes redesigning exterior elements of the Range Rover Sport to fit its unique and very Germanic design vision. Larte’s exterior hormone injection is evidenced in the re-designed grill, characterized by three frames in form of inverted trapezoids. The front apron completes the assertive and martial design. Various polygons, air inlets and lightsteps make the bumper appear almost “biological”. Larte-Range-Rover-Sport-Winner-Rear-View-Part2 On the rear, the Range Rover Sport Winner features irregular polygons aside, with a Larte designed  four-flow exhaust system with its black-chrome-plated tailpipes. If you prefer V8 power in its more purest and therefore petrol form, Larte has a tuning package for that V8 muscle as well and you only need to ask. So how much does all this cost? don’t expect any change from £100k. As robotic Mr John says if you need to ask about the cost of extras you probably can’t afford it. We have just one question, “Winner” why name it so?  
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