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Volkswagen’s Solid-State Battery ‘Breakthrough’ Should Be Met With Considerable Caution
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Approach Volkswagen’s purported solid-state battery ‘breakthrough’ with extreme caution, as scepticism is warranted when evaluating any ‘groundbreaking’ claims from the company. Automakers are not typically recognized for groundbreaking innovations; rather, their strength lies in steady progress and continuous improvement. Throughout its history Volkswagen has pursued the evolutionary engineering approach, leveraging the technology of the day and improving it, often over many decades. The reason why you should not believe anything Volkswagen says is because of how they orchestrated mass deception through Dieselgate.

Volkswagen deserves acknowledgement for successfully convincing regulators that they had developed cutting-edge, ultra-low-emission diesel engines. However, this achievement was built on deceit, employing sophisticated software engineering to manipulate regulators. The Dieselgate scandal merely exposed Volkswagen’s inability to make real breakthroughs in developing low-emission diesel engines.

When Volkswagen asserts a ‘breakthrough’ in advancing solid-state battery technology, it raises scepticism, especially considering that numerous seasoned industry experts and organizations with significantly more experience have not achieved such a feat. Indeed, this situation echoes the fable of the boy who cried wolf, suggesting a potential repetition of overblown claims.

Solid-state battery technology is often hailed as the holy grail for electric vehicles, promising extended ranges, quicker recharging times, and reduced battery degradation compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries. Unlike lithium-ion batteries, which rely on an electrochemical reaction involving liquids or paste-like substances, solid-state batteries eliminate the need for any such components.

However, the transition from a simple prototype to the complex reality of scaling up production for solid-state batteries poses considerable challenges. Volkswagen has disclosed test data, but it seems the company has only assessed the charging cycle of a prototype solid-state battery pack. Their assertion that the battery “practically does not age” immediately raises scepticism and appears to be an attempt to underestimate the intelligence of the public.

Solid state battery
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