Ferrari SF90 Stradale XX - Master Stance
Ferrari SF90 XX Is An Extreme Climate Change Denying Conspiracy
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A Ferrari with the XX label commonly denotes an ultra-track-focused, track-only special edition often tiered above the “normal” extreme road-legal special edition hypercars. In 2005, the Ferrari Enzo FXX made its debut as the first XX model. With no regulations to follow, it was considered the pinnacle of Ferrari’s no-limits offering during its time. However, you had to be super wealthy and on good terms with Ferrari to buy one. And then you didn’t even own the car, it was shipped from Ferrari HQ to the track destination of choice where the super-wealthy elite owners could play with it for a day during a private track session.

Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale - Interior

But Ferrari wants to change things, by revolutionising the buyer experience with the aim of making XX performance accessible to everyone.  Those referred to as “everyone” in this scenario are individuals who are simply considered to be super affluent. And now the super affluent can experience the XX performance in the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and Spider.

Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale - Side Stance

The Ferrari SF90 XX is powered by a 4.0-litre V8 triple motor hybrid engine that is tweaked over the ‘standard’ SF90. Power rises from 986bhp to 1016 hp. The three hybrid motors combine to yield 230bhp. Both the Stradale Coupe and Spider variants can dart from 0-62 mph in 2.3 second before going on to reach a top speed 199 mph.

Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale - Rear Stance

That massive great wing generates over 315kg of downforce. However, if you desire a vehicle that can offer you some privacy from the public eye regarding your belief in climate change denial and conspiracy theories, the SF90 XX may be suitable for you. It comes equipped with a 7.9kWh battery pack that provides a 16-mile electric range.

Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale - Final Stance

Optimised for aero and maximum visual impact only 799 SF90 XX Stradales and 599 Spidesr will be made. The SF90 Stradale is priced at $842,000 and the Spider starts at $929,000. Deliveries will commence in the second quarter of 2024.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale XX - Master Stance
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