Look A Likes, Ferrari 458 Italia vs McLaren 570S
In what is possibly our worst Photoshop manipulation yet, for which we have no apologies, we compare the exterior design of the Ferrari 458 Italia with the newly launched McLaren 570S. You may be wondering why we haven’t compared the 570S with 488 GTB, the answer is they over styled the 488’s side air vents. Its just a matter of personal taste. We’re no experts here when it comes to using the specific styling language preferred by designers, we prefer to “speakey-de-engleesh”, besides that disdainful use of bigoted language, talking in “design-speak” is as pretentious as you can get… if you are not a designer. I mean you see all these reporters using automotive “design-speak” just to make them more acceptable to whomever and it makes me and us here at DCB Towers sick in the stomach to hear them pretend so. Its like people who have no interest in sport and so as not to be left out of the group mentality feign interest. Like well heeled Chelsea FC supporters, who went to Eaton, secretly prefer Rugby, say yah! at the end of every sentence and work in major banking institutions. Anyway, when we first saw the McLaren 570S we thought it looks like the Ferrari 458 Italia, its specifically more noticeable when comparing the rear views, the similarities in design terms are, as we consistently say, Apple vs Samsung familiar. The side profiles are also pretty much similar although the 570S does adopt the “flying buttress” side struts to channel the air more efficiently. Which makes little to no difference because the two still look damn similar. There are a lot of other differences but if you took the Ferrari badge off and stuck it onto the 570S then Ron Dennis would probably issue a high court writ against you. But if you won the legal argument and the Ferrari badge remained on the “Maccer” then you could be easily forgiven for thinking the “Maccer” 570S was an entry level Ferrari because the design languages between the two are pretty much similar to our lay eyes.  errari-458-Italia-vs-McLaren-570S
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