McLaren MP4-12C Is Gone In 30 Seconds
When we say ‘gone in 30 seconds’ we mean crash which, by the way, occurred in Poland on a main dual carriageway (that’s British for highway yah). Its rare to see a supercar crash on the motorway rarer still for the ‘event’ to be captured on film, but this isn’t an endangered species its a McLaren MP4-12C Spider in bright orange being driven during a heavy rain shower. The McLaren crashes into the barriers just as its owner is about to over take the car in front. However the owner is seen to be braking just before he jack knifes to the left and smashes into the barriers. Its difficult to speculate what exactly happen but it may well be that the rear tyre tread had been worn down after an excessive session of crowd pleasing wheel spins because the rear end appears to loose traction under braking. Poor tyre tread in the wet means an accident waiting to happen irrespective of on board traction control software. We won’t know for sure, the crash happened two years ago and has only just come to our attention.  McLaren-MP4-12C-Crash
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