Desperate & Delusional Rip-Off Replica Cars
Can’t afford an Audi TT or that Ferrari? Well think again as these car owners show you how you can own either of the two and no it doesn’t involve complex investments, Ponzi schemes or actually replying to that email from a Nigerian scam artist pretending to be your long lost millionaire Grandma from from Papua New Guinea. All you need is a bit of spit & polish, a loss of all senses and the ability to be seen as the butt of all jokes as this YouTube video shows. These deluded car owners have pimped and transformed “Joe the plumber” cars into… well, hilarious looking oddballs of the original car’s upon which they are based or not based or whatever the hell they are. Its all a little desperately deluded for our tastes but you have to admire the time and effort put in by these car owners.  Diahatsu-Audi-TT
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