Tesla Model Y - Review - Dailycarblog.com
Doug DeMuro Reviews The Tesla Model Y

Doug DeMuro gets behind the wheel of the all-new Model Y, Tesla’s all-new SUV Crossover, so we don’t have to. Especially in the era of Covid-19. DeMuro says the Tesla Model Y is the most ‘affordable’ Tesla SUV you can buy. The other one being the $80k Model X. The Model Y is based on the Model 3, 65 percent in fact.

The Tesla Model Y has a starting price of $40,00 USD, top-spec performance versions start from $60,000 USD. That ain’t cheap and in the USA, federal tax incentives are on the decline. And yes we did say “ain’t”.

Anyway, DeMuro takes an in-depth look to discover all the quirks and features of the Model Y.

Tesla Model Y - Review - Dailycarblog.com
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