Mercedes CLA Pick-up Truck Concept Imagined
Have you ever considered buying a Mercedes Benz CLA Pickup truck, no we haven’t either but that hasn’t stopped resident Photoshop expert, X-tomi, to re-imagine the CLA as a Pickup. We’re not sure it works but if you live in Australia anything that isn’t a ‘yute’ may as well be crushed. Pick up’s are popular over in Australia, its a country specific thing. But if you really want a CLA with a longer loading bay then you should consider the CLA Shootingbrake which actually manages to look nicer than the CLA saloon. Which we think looks a little ‘dumpy’. Lets hope Mercedes aren’t using dodgy fuel injectors that has blighted the company’s solid reputation for building the best engines in the world. How we got from concepts to fuel injectors is beyond us.  Mercedes-CLA-Pickup-Concept
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