Return of The Aston Martin Lagonda To Get Limited Production Run
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Yes its official Aston Martin have confirmed the new Lagonda will be going into production albeit limited to 200 examples worldwide. OK so here is one we missed and if you have already read about the return and of the Lagonda then we hope you live long and prosper.  And prosperous is the correct adjective to use because you will have to be to get your hands on one, the Lagonda will be a seriously luxurious saloon Aston Martin see it as a work of automotive art. Clever marketing say we. Sales of the Lagonda will initially begin in the Middle East and will be available in left or right hand drive. CEO, Dr Andy Palmer said: “Opening up the Lagonda Taraf to an increased number of customers around the world was a high priority for me as soon as I joined Aston Martin late last year. I wanted to be able to offer this exceptional saloon to the potential owners from around the globe who have been enquiring about it, and I’m very happy that we have been able to expand the Lagonda proposition.” Aston-Martin-Taraf-Front The Lagonda is based on Aston Martin’s advanced VH Architecture / platform and will be hand built mostly out of carbon fiber. Expect the Lagonda to be powered by a front mounted 6.0-litre V12 mated to an eight speed ZF-gearbox as used in the Rapide and Vanquish. Of course it will be rear wheel drive but insider sources are saying Aston could introduce a 4-wheel drive system. No word on performance figures but expect the Lagonda to reach at least 200mph. Aston is launching the Lagonda in the Middle East because many of the original 1970’s Lagonda’s ended up in the region. The full name of Aston’s seriously, super luxury saloon will be Lagonda Taraf, Taraf being Arabic for ‘ultimate luxury’. Aston-Martin-Taraf-Rear The Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf has yet to be priced, speculation suggests it will be super expensive.  Aston-Martin-Taraf-Side-Profile
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